Why do muscles twitch?

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Muscles twitching, leaving you with an annoyed feeling that just won’t go away..

We’ve all been there. But why does it happen?

3 Reasons Why Muscles Twitch

1. Because you exercised

Muscle twitching electricity

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Believe it or not, your muscles can twitch from exercising. This is because blood builds up in the muscles after the exercise, making it easier for electricity to flow through it to your muscle nerves. Yes, electricity travels through blood.

2. Because you had coffee

Remember the little men in your blood making pee out of coffee?

Well, believe it or not, pee isn’t the only thing they produce when you drink coffee. They also produce electricity. How would they otherwise be able to produce all those chemical reactions?

The men use that electricity for their experiments. But from time to time, electricity escapes into a muscle, creating a twitch. Some men are just a little bit careless and loose electricity repeatedly, making a muscle close to that man twitch over and over.

3. You didn’t eat enough

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t eat, you are more alert and more energized?

That’s because your body is basically giving you energy so that you can go hunt for some food. (Yes, our bodies aren’t that smart – even with all this technology around us, they actually believe that we are still in living in the stone age. I have tried reasoning with my body about this, but it just won’t budge – it still thinks we live in the stone age. There’s always some fancy rationalization against my arguments. Once, my body told me that the movie stone age wasn’t a movie, but real life. My body used that to try to convince me that we’re still in the stone age.)

Anyway, so that extra energy creates a lot of buzz in your body. Some of it can’t be contained, and creates extra electricity that runs through your nerves and into your muscles, creating repeated twitching.

What to do about it

So, to summarize, in order to rid yourself of muscle-twitching, follow these three easy steps:

1. Don’t exercise – it’s bad for you because it makes your muscles twitch.

2. Don’t drink coffee – if you need to stay awake, instead take amphetamines or something similar, which won’t give the men inside your body extra catalyst-particles to play with.

3. Eat a lot – that way, your body will stay in “lazy-mode” and not produce extra energy and electricity that causes muscle-twitching.

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