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Why won’t the world end in 2012?

| March 2, 2012 | Comments (0)
Peace - The world will not end

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Previously, we wrote about why the world will end in 2012. This post caused a lot of reactions from people, who didn’t believe that our arguments were valid. In order to facilitate a fair debate between both sides, we will therefore go through the arguments being brought up by the “world will end” protagonists, and counter them with arguments from the other side – people who DON’T think that the world is going to end.

Since each of the arguments below counter an argument brought up in the previous post, be sure to read that first to get both sides of the story.

Let’s start with the first one:

The Mayans calendar argument about why the world is soon going to end

What the world-will-end protagonists say: “According to the Mayan’s, our world is the fourth in a series of worlds that have previously ‘failed’. The last one failed after the same amount of time that ours will have been active in December 2012. The Mayans calendar doesn’t have any more days after this date. This strongly suggests that they knew something we don’t – namely that our world will end then.”

The counter-arguments:

  • If there have been three different worlds before ours, then where did they go? Did they disappear into dust? Or is it maybe our moon? Since no proof can be produced to show that there have been any previous worlds, the theory can’t be true.
  • Even if there were three different worlds, and the third one ended after the same period of time that we have now existed – it still doesn’t mean that our world will end. It’s like saying that your father died when he was 63 years and 28 days old, so you will also die after that exact amount of time. So how far will we go with this argument? Will you or our world die the exact same hour as well? Or minute? Or second? etc.
  • So what if the Mayans’ calendar doesn’t have any more days? This just proves their stupidity (because they obviously can’t count more), not that our world will end.

Nancy Leader’s theory about the planet Niburu annihilating us

What the world-will-end protagonists say: “This woman Nancy Lieder has an implant through which she speaks to aliens telling her that the planet Niburu will pass the earth in December 2012, causing the earth to stop moving and killing us all.”

The counter-arguments:

  • If the aliens are telling Nancy all this, they are clearly friendly and want our good. But then, why aren’t they simply saving us by letting us onto their planet? Obviously, she’s a liar – the aliens are evil! So the aliens are telling her all this just to confuse us and make us suffer unnecessarily!
  • Nancy originally said that the planet Niburu will pass us in 2003. When that didn’t happen, Nancy revealed that she had lied, in order to confuse our government and prevent it from trapping all the people in places where they couldn’t escape the impending doom. But there is a clear inconsistency here: If she wants to conceal the truth from the government, then why is she telling everybody the real date? Obviously, the day of doom isn’t December 2012, but some other day! It may be sooner, or later, but it sure as hell isn’t December 2012.

Galactic alignments causing natural disasters

What the world-will-end protagonists say: “This solstice will be our worst ever – when the sun aligns perfectly with the center of our universe, the gravitational pull will create some of our worst natural disasters yet.”

The counter-argument:

  • Dude, the worst natural disaster was Katrina – if we survived that, we’ll survive anything. Word.

The impending financial collapse

What the world-will-end protagonists say: “With the financial systems of the western world crumbling, countries like Iran may soon take over and make us all into muslims.”

The counter-argument:

  • It is America’s fault in the first place, for playing the world cop, that Iranians are muslim fundamentals, that al-Qaeda have weapons in their hands (the US sold it to them), and that Venezuela is falling into ruin. Without the western order, the world will not end, but in fact prosper.

So – there you go. There are some strong counter-arguments in there. At the same time, are they strong enough to rebuff the original world-will-end arguments, that are pretty convincing too?

Tell us what you think!

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