Why are the Kardashians famous?

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The Kardashian’s O.J. Simpson trial

The Kardashian’s were first noticed by the public when Robert Kardashian defended O.J. Simpson in the famous trial. Their friendship, based on sex, drugs and rock and roll (and hip hop) had been going on for years, but it was during the trial that it all surfaced.

Of course, we all know what happened with the trial – but something greater was born out of it. The first time the name Kardashian’s name had been heard by more than a handful of people.

The name Kardashian becomes viral

With such an unusual name frequently being mentioned together with the name Simpson, a powerful association was born. The name Simpson also bears associations to the famous cartoon, The Simpsons, making the association cross-cultural.

Because of the name’s unique qualities and star associations, it began to spread. People started talking about “The Kardashian”. That was before the public knew that there was a whole family behind the soon-to-become viral name.

The death of Robert Kardashian and the rise of the family

Robert had been fighting cancer for a long time, and unfortunately it finally took him. But out of ashes, new life is born. The head of the family, Mother Kardashian, saw an opportunity for both herself and her three oldest daughters. She had been blessed by a viral name – and she was going to make good use of it.

She appointed herself the manager of the family name. The daughters, being the loyal family followers that they were, followed suit. Kim was especially eager to please. She gave her mother her full trust – and Mother Kardashian devised a plan that would propel the viral name to full-fledged stardom.

The Kardashian sex tape rise to stardom

Mother Kardashian devised the plan like a clockwork. Two of the daughters prepared clothing lines, to be ready for the big date when she was planning to “go star” with the family, to turn their coming fame into real money.

Meanwhile, she was mentoring Kim in the art of catching famous hip hop stars. The target was Ray Jay. A little known fact is that although most people think that Kim and Ray Jay got together in a chance occurrence, it was a process and plan devised and executed for years by Kim, through Mother Kardashian’s well-skilled mother-daughter leadership.

We all know what happened next. The sex tape starring Kim Kardashian and Ray Jay was released to the public. The viral name of Kardashian that had been in the back of everybody’s head suddenly became the next big conversational topic. The clothing business was opened to the public, catering to young girls who wanted to have their own sex tapes, and young men who wanted to make them.

Kardashian’s fame continues

Today, Mother Kardashian continues to act manager of the family. The basic strategy is to maintain the family fame stable, while “converting” the fame into money for the family through the clothing line.

The most recent endeavour is the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and the pretend feud with long time friend and superstar Paris Hilton – a feud that, needless to say, Paris herself gets a cut of fame from.

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