Why is the world going to end in 2012?

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The end is quickly becoming reality. The signs are everywhere. Which signs? Let’s go through them all and see for ourselves why the world is definitely going to end this time, in 2012.

Mayan mythology strongly suggests that our world will end in 2012

End of the world in 2012

End of world 2012

The Mayans had some weird calendars going on. There were 20 days in their “month”, 18 months in their “year” and, 20 years in their “whatever” and so on, until the final unit which they called a b’ak’tun. The Mayan’s also believed that there were three “failed” worlds created previous to ours. Now here’s the kicker: The Mayans believed that the third world (the one previous to ours) ended after exactly 13 of their b’ak’tuns. And in December 21, 2012, it will be exactly 13 b’ak’tuns since our world was created. Now, if history is anything to go by, that can only mean one thing….. The question is, if ours is the fourth world, then what wonders will the fifth world bring with it when it is created?

The planet Niburu will pass close to earth in December 2012

Coinciding with the end of the Mayan’s calendar (clearly marking the end of the world), is the impeding passing of the planet Niburu so close to earth that the world we know will no longer be. Basically, this very clever woman Nancy Lieder, who has some time ago been contacted by aliens and allowed them to implant a communications device in her brain. Through this device, the aliens can speak with her. The aliens have been telling her about this planet, Niburu, which is soon to come dangerously close to earth. When it does, huge magnetic shifts will cause the earth to stop moving temporarily, and the crust will shift. She originally said that the catastrophe would happen in 2003, but later revealed that the date was just a lie in order to prevent authorities from locking people into cities and thus preventing their escape. The real date, she says, in December 2012. Obviously, this is what the Mayans were also referring to (although they might not have known exactly how the world would end).

Galactic alignments will create unbearable natural disasters in 2012

There are several weird alignments happening in 2012. One of them involves the earth and the sun to be perfectly aligned with the center of our galaxy, creating an extra heavy gravitational pull that could create catastrophic effects on earth through magnetic fields from the sun. The solstice this winter could be, for this reason, the worst winter we have ever had – with natural disasters so plenty that we will have difficulty coping with even a few of them..

Financial collapse will destroy governments in 2012

With the governments of the western world spending more and more, with incredible bailouts and collapses of government after government, 2012 could prove to be the year when the system can’t cope any more. With Greece collapsing, Hungary going to route of Venezuela (do a Google search), and the Euro soon to collapse, what will happen with Europe? And with America owing so much to China that Chine could theoretically force us to work for free for a whole year to repay the debt, the dollar fast losing value, and Chinese companies quickly taking over more and more American business, what will happen with the Americas ability to compete? And with America’s ruin, what will stop countries like Iran to extend their power to larger and larger parts of the world? — Clearly, 2012 is the year when it will all end. The Mayan calendar and Nancy Lieder are clearly in the know – a planet will pass close to earth, destroying life as we know it. And as if that wasn’t enough, we have also got sun-to-black-hole alignments to worry about. And all this when the world’s governments are near financial collapse. The future is not bright – enjoy life while you can!

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